Make Your 2022 Resolutions A Reality

Didn’t stick to your 2021 resolutions? Same. 

If your resolutions are on the health and wellness train like us, you've resolved to get fit and healthy for real this year.

Debbie Downer has something to say real quick: Only 10% of people think their resolutions will last. 

Alright, Debbie. Thank you for that.

She does have a point though. Most of us are not good at sticking to our health goals throughout the year. 

So today, we’re sharing the tips you need to bust through the roadblocks in your fitness journey. This year, simply follow these steps to lead yourself to a health victory.

Ditch the Deprivation Diet

For too long, we’ve been told that if you eat less you’ll lose more. But depriving your body of food sucks. And it doesn’t even work.

Undereating slows your metabolism, causes hormone issues, and starves your body of critical nutrients. Eating enough, on the flip side, helps you build muscle, workout with vigor, and keep you committed to your health goals for the long term. 

This year, forget dieting. 

Instead, make sure you’re eating enough to satisfy yourself—just pick foods that are healthy and healing for your body. Focus on filling foods that are full of fiber and protein, like our Bean Puffs (each serving packs in 4 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein!). 

Enjoy whole foods and a balanced diet of healthy carbs, protein, and fats. Treat yo’ self with desserts or snacks that will move you toward your health goals, not away from them. 

Let Love Lead You

If you have to pick between a lifestyle you love and a health regimen you dread, you can guess what wins. To reach your health goals this year, set goals that fit who you are and the lifestyle you love.

For example, if your favorite hobby that fills your heart with billowing joy is binge-watching Marvel movies after work, you probably shouldn’t pick the evenings for your gym time. Who said TV junkies couldn’t be healthy? They just might not make it to the last cycle class in the day. 

The exercises you complete, the healthy foods you eat, and the schedule you follow should all match what you enjoy. If you hate running but love to bike, don’t sign up for the half-marathon. If you hate bran flakes but love cheesy, puffy, too-good-to-be-healthy snacks, eat Bean Thinkin’.

Finding healthy food and activities you love is key to creating a healthy lifestyle you can stick to.

Look Into the Future

It’s time to whip out that crystal ball. When it comes to sticking with health goals, keeping your eyes on the future is just as important as taking healthy steps in the present. 

Your forward-thinking should settle on two focal points:

1. The visualization of you in the future, once you’ve reached your goal.

Whether you’re a manifestation-guru or think the whole thing is a bunch of bean curd, visualizing your fitness goals does help you reach them. And if you think visualization is just for hippies, then you haven’t read Arnold Schwarzenegger’s diary. He’s probably low-key the biggest Pinterest user on the planet. 

Keep your eye on the prize by creating a vision board or a descriptive list in a journal of how you’ll look and feel once you’ve reached your goals. We’ll understand if your vision board ends up being a collage of our Bean Puffs.

2. A long-term shift instead of a short-term fix

Let’s be honest. After New Years, we try to go cold turkey on all the bad foods we’ve been eating, cross our fingers, and hope our bodies will quickly adjust to the drastic change.

Not only is cold turkey just plain gross, it’s also a bad health strategy. An all-or-nothing mindset makes us throw in the towel the first time we break our diet rules. 

So toss out that cold turkey theory. Go for a smart swap instead with these three steps: 

  1. Make a list of the foods you love to eat (like salty snacks). 
  2. Note the ones that are unhealthy and may hinder your weight loss goals (like cheese puffs). 
  3. Then, find healthy alternatives that you can enjoy instead (we heard about this cheese bean puff a while ago called Bean Thinkin’. It sounds awesome.) 

    Instead of focusing on short-term goals, keep your mind fixed on your long-term health. Summon your inner slow-and-steady tortoise and disown the inner-hare. A balanced, healthy lifestyle that’s also enjoyable and sustainable will get you to the finish line. 

    Not Keeping Resolutions is so Last Year.

    You’re way cooler than that now. And, with these tips, you’re way more capable. Kick-off your health goals with a free snack bag of our tasty bean puffs. They’re packed with protein, fiber, and bring-you-to-your-knees flavor. 

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