Healthy, Guilt-Free Work From Home Snacks 

Working from home is amazing, right?

No one can tell you to put your pants back on. You’re the only one chewing loudly in the room. 

And you have an entire kitchen at your disposal whenever the afternoon munchies come on strong. 

It's great…unless you're trying to stay fit.

If you don’t want to see a decline in your health due to your new work-from-home lifestyle, healthy snacks (made with good ingredients) are a must. 

Here’s a list of friendly snack ideas that are nutritious and guilt-free that you can munch on from 9 to 5. 

Are you craving something sweet? 

Sugar cravings are as common and frequent. In fact, they nag 97% of women and 68% of men. The good news? There are plenty of snacks that can satisfy those sugar cravings the healthy way. 

Munch ‘em fresh, sliced, dried, or blended. Fruit is naturally sweet but also packed with nutrients. If your sweet tooth is screaming for sugar, go with sweeter fruit, like watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes, or mango. 

Adding in sweet veggies can also help to crowd out less healthy foods in your diet. Next time you’re scavenging for a sweet treat, try snacking on carrots, beets, sweet potato chips, or a baked yam.

Dark Chocolate

If falling into that Willy Wonka river of chocolate is your secret fantasy that keeps you up at night, you’ll love this one. Dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants—even more than green tea or red wine! Antioxidants help to protect our bodies from disease. 

A bite of dark chocolate (try to keep it at 70% cacao or higher) a day can also boost your brain function and lower stress. So slip out that bag of chocolate-covered almonds and indulge, honey. 

Are you searching for something salty? 

A raspy-voiced cheetah once told us that his snacks were “dangerously cheesy.” We thought he was just poetically describing the deep cheese flavor of his snacks, but now we think there’s another meaning to his warning.

Salty cheesy snacks (like the cheetah’s) are full of sodium, fat, carbs, and empty calories. Bean Puffs, on the other hand, are loaded with the good stuff like fiber and protein that other snacks can’t match. Next time you need a satiating salty snack, grab a free bag of bean puffs.

Want to munch on something crunchy?

Are you the person who digs for the half-popped popcorn seeds at the bottom of the bowl? God made your teeth strong, and there’s nothing wrong with using them to their full potential. 

If you love chomping at crunchy snacks, keep plenty of healthy options at your fingertips. Grab a handful of toasted nuts. Munch on walnuts—which boost brain health and may lower symptoms of depression. Or crunch on pistachios—the lean, green nuts that are lower in calories and higher in fiber than other nuts. 

Chomp on some granola (just check the nutrition info—some granola is loaded with sugar). Crunch on roasted chickpea snacks. Or make yourself a bowl of air-popped popcorn with olive oil and salt. 

These snacks will satisfy your cravings and your body’s nutritional needs all at once. It’s what we like to call “smashin’ two beans with one stone.” 


If Superman worked from home, he’d snack on Bean Thinkin

How do we know? 

There’s no way Superman could stay that buff sitting in front of a computer screen all day without the power of our protein-packed snacks. 

Plus, he’s kind of picky, he may or may not have proclaimed after eating a bag of our puffs – “these bean puffs taste great on the lips and look good on the hips.” 

Grab yourself a free bag of bean puffs today, and get in on that Superman power. 

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